The material of these aliens are in vinyl a kind of hard plastic, but you can soften them in hot water or a hairdryer to cut off excess material. The Alien colors ;they are black, green tones because these are from the second film “ALIENS”. In the 1 st movie “ALIEN” they are silver and black.


This diorama is a scene from the first film PREDATOR, namely the encounter between Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Predator. Sculpted by “NARIN” and likeness of Arnold I’m pretty happy about it. Building this diorama will still take several months. The predatordredlocks are all separate and are of a total of 60st. A titanic work lol. For junglefoliage i’m taking leaves and twigs painting that I’m going to buy in the reptile shop. Arnold will get a dirty, sweaty torso and camouflage pants. The base where the predator is standing comes resin water is poured into 3 layers.


This diorama is full of human and alien skulls .The skulls I cast myself. These skulls all updated separately without or with jaw than glued on the base.
For the bones I had to make a special mold. The predator Throne I bought years ago and is made from resin. Then built up with 2 Alien skulls. Also on the back side of the Throne is occupied with skulls. I have a regular predator from vinyl to place on the throne, but it is transformed into an elder predator. The spear with alien head is from geometric also the predatorhelmets. The Throne is painted with all kinds of Acrylic bronze, gold and copper shades. The skulls are painted matt black and then white drybrushed. Eventually i will make them even darker with a oilwash.


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